Cassia Bud Pickles

Cassia Bud Pickles

I figured I would share this most wanted of pickle recipes. If you like recipes like this, please help us out by making a donation so we can provide more recipes like this, these old recipes are not cheap.

Cassia Bud Pickles

Cut lengthwise 75 – 2 or 3 inch cucumbers
Bring to boil 4 quart water, 2 cups medium coarse salt.
Cool and pour over cucumbers.
Cover and let stand 1 week.
Drain and cover with boiling water for 24 hours.
Repeat, adding 1 teaspoon powdered alum and let stand 24 hours.
Drain and cover with syrup: 5 c. sugar 1 oz. celery seed 1 oz. cassia buds For 3 successive days, drain off syrup.
Add 1 cup sugar; bring to boil and pour over pickles.
On third day, pack in jars; cover with hot syrup and seal.
I hope everyone enjoys this.

John Sutton


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