Fast Food Dangers

Fast Food Dangers

I have had several people inform me about sugar on the hamburger patties at different fast food restaurants. One of these people is on that low carb diet so they take the buns off and it was at this time they found sugar was sprinkled on the hamburger patty itself.

Remember a lawsuit a while back regarding a restaurant where the patron said they were getting fat from the food? I thought then that you are the one who has control of what you eat and the amount you eat. However, I now believe that the sugar is what everyone is craving, it is in everything now where it used to not be included. Now these places are adding more sugar so you want their food more. It is not enough that they are trying to kill people by all the fat, now they are trying to kill people by all the sugar. It is only a matter of time before all these unhealthy ingredients overwhelm our bodies; there is only so much our bodies can absorb. People you need to realize that you are just another number to these places. They don’t really care that they are killing you; you are profit for them. As one place says 100 million burgers sold, soon it will be 100 million killed. They don’t care, as soon as you die there is another to take your place. While you are getting fat around the waist, they are getting fat in the billfold.

You have a choice, live healthier and examine your food when you buy it and pay attention to how you feel with this food, let your friends know that these places are a danger to there health. You all have a chance of living a good and healthy life, learn what is out there that can hurt you and avoid it. Sure fast food is convenient, you can make the same thing healthier yourself and you stand a better chance of living a long and healthy life.

Remember the statistics, if your 15 years old now, your generation is expected to start dying before you reach 40 years of age. This is because of the food you are eating, your lack of exercise and your staying in front of a TV or computer screen all day. Don’t waste your life, make something of yourselves and most importantly, be more educated on what you are eating. The sad truth is that these companies don’t care about you nor does it seem the government offices that are supposed to monitor these places care about you. It’s all about money, your the expendable source, another will follow after your dead and this cycle will continue. It is time to give greed the boot, there is no reason why you can’t live a healthy life, and this should be one of your goals.

Try eating in moderation. Don’t eat fast food everyday, try just once a week and see how you feel. Fast foods these days is like a drug, it is time to wean yourself off of this fast food drug, it won’t be easy but you will persevere. Friends don’t let friends die from fast food.

If you have something you would like to add, please email us at; again we are sorry the forum is locked, but we weed out several spammers a day who would otherwise bring there garbage into the forum. Like the fast food places, they have no morals either.

John Sutton
Nov 19, 2006


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