Frozen Battered Meat Warning

Frozen Battered Chicken and Possibly Other Frozen Meats Warning

I have received several emails on this and I have experienced it myself as well.
We bought a package of what looked like battered covered baked chicken strips.
They were battered, but in small writing was a warning that these are not pre-cooked.
I have never seen frozen meat like this before. It looks like it has already been battered and fried, the outer part looks golden brown.
Please everyone; check what is in your freezer or the freezers of the elderly and the handicapped.
These foods need to have more warnings on them than just that little one we saw.
Chicken needs to have an internal temperature of 160 degrees F to be safe enough to eat.
Wether you cook this on the stove, in the oven or in a microwave check to make sure it is done.
It is still a safe food to eat as long as you are sure it is completely done.
Pass this on to others, it was the same price as the other chicken we usually buy, but that chicken was cooked. Almost the same packaging this is very deceptive.
Being a culture set in our ways, we tend to let our guard down when it comes to what looks familiar to us.
I can’t name the name of the company although I would love to, I can only send out this warning.
Look at all the packaging before you buy no matter if it is even the same packaging and make sure it is what you want.
If you, your family or someone you know is used to having things pre-cooked and you just cook these items for a minimal time, you can get sick.
Don’t let this latest deceptive ploy cause you, your family or anyone you know any harm.


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