Housekeeper’s Alphabet 1887

Housekeeper’s Alphabet 1887

Apples–Keep in a dry place, as cool as possible without freezing.
Brooms–Hang in the cellar way to keep soft and pliant.
Cranberries–Keep under water in cellar; change water monthly.
Dish of hot water set in oven prevents cakes, etc. from scorching.
Economize time, health and means, and you will never beg.
Flour–Keep cool, dry and securely covered.
Glass–Clean with a quart of water mixed with a tablespoon of ammonia.
Herbs–Gather when beginning to blossom; keep in paper sacks.
Ink stain–Wet with spirits of turpentine; after three hours, rub well.
Keep an account of all supplies, with cost and date when purchased.
Love lightens labor.
Money–Check carefully when you receive change.
Nutmeg–Prick with a pin and, if good, oil will run out.
Orange and lemon peel–Dry, pound and keep in corked bottles.
Parsnips–Keep in ground until spring.
Quicksilver and white of eggs destroys bedbugs.
Rice–Select large, with a clear fresh look; old rice may have insects.
Sugar–For general family use, the granulated is best.
Tea–Equal parts of Japan and green are as good as English breakfast.
Use a cement made of ashes, salt and water for cracks in stove.
Variety is the best culinary spice.
Watch your back yard for dirt and bones.
Xantippe was a scold. Don’t imitate her.
Youth is best preserved by a cheerful temper.
Zinc-lined sinks are better than wooden ones.

From: Buckeye Cookery 1877


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