How To Cook Bologna

How To Cook Bologna

Bologna was invented in the town of Bologna, Italy in 1463 by a man named Anthony Garcia.
Bologna making rapidly spread to nearly every country in the world. Today you can buy good Bologna almost everywhere, your local Italian Deli should have the best. The really important thing that has been sadly forgotten completely through the centuries is the Garcia method of cooking Bologna.
Today the Bologna makers tell you to simply put the ring of Bologna into boiling water and heat it until warm and then serve. If you want strong tasting, greasy, Bologna that you go around belching all day long, this is the way to prepare it.
If you want mild, fine tasting Bologna with no bad aftereffects, cook it like the man who invented it to be cooked. Use the original Garcia recipe. Bologna so cooked is one of the world’s great delicacies. Here is Garcia’s recipe.
Take your ring of Bologna and with a fork jab holes into the Bologna about one-forth of an inch apart on both sides of the Bologna. Contrary to today’s beliefs that the casing be left intact, it was originally intended (and rightly so) to only hold the ground meat together. It was not intended to seal it up tightly leaving the bad taste of the fats dominate the taste of all the meat.
Fat has the ability to pick up and hold strong undesirable odors. You must remove the majority of the fat from the Bologna to get rid of these odors.
Now place the Bologna in a pan with enough boiling water to nicely cover it.
Add seven level teaspoons of honey. If you have no honey, add seven level teaspoons of granulated sugar or brown sugar. Boil the Bologna for 20 minutes. This will remove nearly all the quick-melting undesirable fat with its strong odors from the Bologna and the honey or sugar will cleanse the meat, giving it a clean good taste but not a sweet taste.
Cooking Bologna in unsweetened water is like trying to cure or smoke a ham without sugar or sweetening. It never was intended to be done without sweetening. The proof is in the pudding, just try the Garcia method.
The early Italian immigrants brought this recipe with them and today their descendants are still using it.

Recipe From: Bull Cook by George and Berthe Herter, 1969.

It doesn’t say how large the ring of Bologna is, so that up to you.

Becki and I will take some of the Beef Bologna and cook it up in a pan with some pepper and brown sugar and then drain it on paper towels to remove excess grease, it does come out tasting better. Cook Bologna is better for you anyways, always try to cook it before adding to your sandwich, even a few seconds in the microwave on a paper towel to pick up the grease is better for you.



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