Prescription Drug Warning

Prescription Drug Warning

Here is something very important that everyone needs to do either while still at the pharmacy or when you get home from getting your prescription filled.
Before taking any pills from the bottle, please make sure that the name of the bottle is your name and the prescription is your prescription, so you don’t have a problem later.
An example would be you get your prescription filled and you go home and you suffer a panic attack (this is one of the things one might be dealing with). Anyways, your bottle is empty that is why you had gone to the pharmacy to pick up a new one.
You take your meds from the new bottle, keep in mind here that the person in question is having a panic attack. The person in question is very shaky, panicky and unsure of things. The person in question is having a really hard time breathing and opens the bag that says Lorazepam this persons sedative to help with the panic attacks.
So, this person has now taken a sedative, and it isn’t working. Still very shaky and unsure, this person has waited a reasonable amount of time and takes a second one. Like the first pill, this person tried to stick the pill under the tongue to dissolve it as usual and nothing. So the person swallows it instead thinking that their mouth is to dry.
This person is feeling worse and more panicky, the breathing is now raspy and hard. So this person now takes a third pill. Nothing has happened except the person is getting worse.
By chance someone calls and figures out quickly that this person is having a panic attack. In the conversation, the pills are brought up. At the callers hunch, the panicked person is asked to read the bottle and it is discovered that it is a heart and blood pressure medicine used to lower blood pressure.
The panic person is now in sorry shape, slowing and really unsure and the caller who lives far away is now very scared and concerned.
The panic person calls the pharmacy, the doctors office and then the hospital. The person eventually is told to get to the hospital right away.
The caller is still with the panic person on the other line and suggests to vomit. ewwww.
The panic person vomits, out come 3 partially dissolved pills.
After a while the panic person starts to feel better.
In the meantime the pharmacy, doctors office and hospital have all called, the panic person never heard the phone.
But the panic persons spouse finally gets home and they get to the hospital just as emergency crews are called to find out why the calls were never returned.
So, this person was given an IV, a medication to help offset the bad drugs in the system, was monitored for a while, had the usual vampire tests, was given instructions and sent home.
So in order to save yourself some grief. Check the bags and the bottles for name of patient and the name of the prescription to make sure they are correct.
Because I have to say that the pharmacist is the only one with any real education in the pharmacy. The other people have 5 weeks of school and they are an assistant. Am I the only one that thinks that is a load of crap?
Please be careful and pass this information on.



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