STOP: Before taking a sip of soda or a bite from that sweet.

STOP: Before taking a sip of soda or a bite from that sweet.

‘Have you recently tried something new and a week or so later or even that night you feel like crap? You have stomach cramps, unknown rashes, up all damn night? Maybe it is because of Splenda (sucralose), you know this new sweetner that has zero calories and is supposed to ultra healthy for you.

Here is what the government says.

In determining the safety of sucralose, FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects including carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA’s approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption."
– FDA Talk Paper T98-16.

There is adequate evidence, [for sucralose], that there are no concerns about mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, development or reproductive toxicity.
– Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission on Sucralose, September 7, 2000

Oh and these studies were found at

Yes they did studies and found nothing. The sugar industry paid for the studies so of course they found nothing. An agency will never find anything wrong with a product when the manufacturer of that product flips the bill for the studies and also passes some extra bonuses along the way.

Here is my lastest experience. I did not realize that the yogurt I was eating has Splenda in it. My first experience with Splenda left me flush and a bad case of the shakes, that was with a diet soda. This time it was Blue Bunny yogurt, I never even looked at the ingredients, I really should know better. I thought it was the same as it was before, but this time I bought the lite and the lite has the Splenda in it. For the last 2 weeks I have had nothing but stomach cramps and I have been to the doctors twice trying to find out what is wrong and they can heat the rumblings and feel how sluggish things are but they had no answers, probably a stomach virus.

Well tonight after eating my yogurt I took a dive about 15 minutes after eating it, I went to sleep and a half hour I was up with the shakes and cramps. I ate some toast and looked at the yogurt container and there it was sucralose, what was I thinking? I tell people all the time to read the ingredients. Even I allow a company I trust to lead me astray.

Here are other examples of the bad effects of sucralose.

About six months ago, I decided to try the Atkins diet. They strongly recommend Splenda (right on their home page!) so I went out and got some packets. I also bought a flavored water called Fruit20, which contains Splenda. I used these products for three days and started feeling sick. My husband said he\’d heard there were problems with Splenda so I did a little Web searching. It didn’t take long to find reams of info on how evil this stuff can be. I experienced almost every symptom including bloating, abdominal pain, gas, nausea, headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, depression and dizziness.

But here’s the kicker–I still have them, even though I haven’t consumed any Splenda since those initial three days! Have you ever heard of this? I’ve been making the rounds to doctors and done several tests. An ultrasound revealed nothing. (Based on my symptoms, gallstones were suspected.) The motility test was slightly irregular but nothing major. Endoscopy suggested acid reflux, but the meds (Nexium, Aciphex, Protonix–I’ve tried them all) don’t work. Based on all this, I\’m told I have nonulcer dyspepsia, which is essentially symptoms without a cause. I told my gastro about the Splenda and he poo-pooed it. I\’m at my wits end and have an appointment with my GP to discuss the possibility of clinical depression since it seems this is related to unexplained stomach pain and vice versa.
Nancy Kewwani

Some time ago I tried Splenda in a packet of hot chocolate. I knew I was allergic to aspartame (made me dizzy), but thought maybe Splenda would be a good alternative. It made my lips itch! This was the oddest thing. I drank about one-third of a cup of this hot chocolate and found that my lips stopped itching, but they felt numb. I swore off Splenda. About a year later I accidentally purchased a drink with Splenda (labeled as sucralose) and could not endure the strong chemical flavor, undoubtedly from the chlorine. I read all labels carefully and stick with natural sugars in my foods. I’m a runner and figure I’ll run off any extra calories, but will be hard pressed to endure another allergic reaction.
Patricia Brown

I have had a terrible ordeal of having horrible stomach problems, indigestion, continual pain, constipation then diarrhea. I traced it back to diet RC cola, which has Splenda in it. I had tried to switch off of other diet drinks and went to this drink. For four weeks I have had terrible, terrible abdominal pain, etc. I stopped drinking this and the pain has left. Amazing how this product can have such a profound effect on people. Thought you should know.
Greg Clore

We really need to be careful with what we are putting in our bodies. The watchdog that are supposed to keep us safe are corrupt. When you figure you have a problem with something, keep a note of it and read the ingredients of things before buying them. You might also want to ask your favorite eatery what things they use to make there foods with as well.

More things to keep track of.



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