The problem with Food Diets and Studies

The problem with Food Diets and Studies

My comments are followed by the article..

Cancer Risk Higher With Western Diet

Jul 11, 10:20 PM (ET)

By Joann Loviglio

Philadelphia (AP) – Older Chinese women who eat a Western-style diet loaded with meats and sweets appear to have a greater risk for breast cancer than women who eat mainly soy and vegetables, a new study has concluded.

Previous research has found connections between a meat- and fat-heavy Western diet and several kinds of cancer, as well as heart disease and diabetes. And other research has identified links between obesity and cancer.

Researchers said this study signals a link between breast cancer and overall eating patterns – not a single food or nutrient – in Asian women, who have long had lower rates of the disease than Western women. But their numbers have started to rise as their diets have become more Westernized.

The study, which is not definitive, looked at general eating habits of about 3,000 women in Shanghai, ranging in age from 25 to 64. About half of that group had been diagnosed with breast cancer and are participants in an ongoing breast cancer study in Shanghai.

All the women were interviewed at length about their diets, answering questions about how often they ate 76 different items commonly found in Shanghai. Researchers then categorized the women into one of two dietary groups.

The meat-sweet" group loaded up on red meat, shrimp, fish, candy, desserts, bread and milk. The "vegetable-soy group stuck to tofu, vegetables, sprouts, beans, fish and soy milk.

Post-menopausal women in the meat-sweet group showed a 60 percent greater risk of developing the most common kind of breast cancer, the kind fueled by the hormone estrogen, compared to those in the vegetable-soy group, according to U.S. and Chinese researchers who conducted the study.

We saw the clearest effect when we looked at post-menopausal women who were overweight, so it looks like there’s an interaction between a meat-sweet diet and being overweight, said study co-author Marilyn Tseng, of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

Researchers couldn’t say how the combination of a Western diet and obesity might work in tandem to drive breast cancer.

The study, which appears in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, found no link, good or bad, between breast cancer and a vegetable-soy diet.

This isn’t a breakthrough, but it does add to the growing body of evidence that diet is related to breast cancer and other cancers, said Lawrence Cheskin, associate professor of international health and human nutrition at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was not connected to the study.

We see a rise in cancers depending on what we\’re eating and if we\’re obese.

Tseng also said that the research should be a less frustrating guide for anybody looking to adopt sensible eating habits, instead of often contradictory research that names one vitamin, mineral or food as a cancer-quashing magic bullet.

This gives us a broader sense because it looks at diet as a whole as opposed to targeting one element, Tseng said. In terms of public health recommendations, that tends to give the wrong impression that you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by going after one specific component.


This is the complete article as it was printed and as I copied, yes I copied a complete article, something I rarely do but felt was needed and we will see if they will allow me to keep this on. The standard email has been sent for permission to use the article.

Ok, while I have time, they mention how often they ate 76 different items commonly found in Shanghai

and then …

Researchers then categorized the women into one of two dietary groups.

and then…

The meat-sweet" group loaded up on red meat, shrimp, fish, candy, desserts, bread and milk. The vegetable-soy" group stuck to tofu, vegetables, sprouts, beans, fish and soy milk.

The three big problem foods here are candy, desserts and bread, those will always make you fat and unhealthy if you don’t eat proper amounts and if you are not used to eating those foods, you may also just get sick.

I wish they would have listed all the foods they regularly eat and in what quantities and then what all the foods were of the two separate groups and there quantities.

People who are overweight and get unhealthy you will find the main causes to be around things that are starchy and sweet and that they also do not eat food in moderation. Most of you experience this, even I have foods that I splurge on, I try not to but hey we are who we are.

Since I have gotten older I have adjusted my food intake, my chocolate has been dark chocolate and this was before the new fad, I use very little sugar in my coffee and cereals, especially since cereals have so much sugar to begin with, read the section on A Gram of Sugar Equals What?

This gives a clue on how much sugar is in everything. I use lighter type bread and flat breads verses regular loaves of bread. The ice cream I use is the only one I can find that is made all natural. I reserve cakes and fatty desserts for special occasions.

I use only real sugar when I make things, I never use the new chemical made sugars like Splenda, they will only hurt my body and yours (the FDA and the USDA use questionable practices when saying that Splenda is good and not made using chemicals) the sugar is extracted using chemicals, no residue is supposed to stay behind and yet my body and other peoples bodies can’t deal with that form of sugar. This gets tricky because it is a catch 22 situation. Some diabetics have no problems with Splenda and yet some normal people get sick, they get severe shakes and some pass out. I don’t know what all the decades of bad eating have done to our bodies, but tests are out that prove how dangerous some foods are and since the FDA and USDA use questionable practices, you will never know the truth from them.

I will try to get more information on this study, it should be like pulling teeth. I think it would be nice to know what exactly they had in the candy, desserts and bread i.e., what varieties and quantities.

It may take a while to get all the information. Please feel free to email me at I am sorry but we still cannot open the forums, I am still weeding out garbage from the world trash on a daily basis, it’s bad enough I have to see the filth.

Copyright AP and The Cooking Inn


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