To Color Soups

To Color Soups

Amber: As soon as the scum has been taken off, put in grated carrot.
Brown: Use caramel or browned flour.
Green: Pound the leaves of spinach, or use the green leaves of celery or parsley. Put this in five minutes before taking up. Okra also gives a green color.
Spinach-Green: For coloring various dishes green, take a quart of spinach, wash and clean carefully; pound in a mortar to extract the juice. Then put all through a fine sieve. Put the juice in a stewpan or basin. Place this in a vessel of boiling water till it sets. It should not boil. Then put it into a sieve that the water may drain from it, and the clear green will be left for coloring. This may also be dried for future use.
Red: Take the pulp and juice of ripe tomatoes.
For White: Soups use none but white vegetables.
For Thickening: Use rice, pearl barley, vermicelli, or macaroni.

Recipe From: Mrs. Owen\’s Cook Book, 1885


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