To Make Salt Butter

To Make Salt Butter

The common method of preserving butter is by salting it more or less. Salt is thoroughly worked into the butter, in the portion of one or two ounces to the pound, according as the butter is required to be kept for a shorter or longer time. Dr. Anderson, in his “Recreations” recommends another method of curing butter, by which, he says, with ordinary care, it may be kept for years in this climate, or carried to the East Indies, if packed so as not to melt.
Mix two parts of the best salt, one of sugar, and one of saltpetre, and beat them into a fine powder : one ounce of preparation is sufficient for a pound of butter. This should be thoroughly mixed with the butter as soon as it is seperated from the whey, and it should then be put into a clean cask. It should be packed very well down, to exclude the air thoroughly; the top should be covered with a sprinkling of salt, and melted butter poured over it to fill up every crevice before the cover is fixed down.
Butter cured in this manner does not taste well till it has stood a fortnight after being salted; but after that time has a rich marrowy taste that no other butter ever acquires, and tastes so little salt that one would imagine it would not keep. Dr. Anderson had seen it perfectly sound when two years old in this climate.
This recipe is from Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery 1898.

I thought I would share a great recipe from years gone by. This cookbook is from England.

John Sutton


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