Consumer Warning : Cooking Spray

Consumer Warning : Cooking Spray

Recently we took a trip to the dollar store.

The dollar store has the almond cookies that I like.

Sometimes things are cheaper to buy then to make.

Now I have warned everyone for years to please read the labels on all the foods they buy.

There are many reasons for this.

The main reason is for you to live a long and healthy life.

Now as I was going through the items at the dollar store and reading labels, I came across a can of cooking spray.

This cooking spray listed two very interesting ingredients.

“Butane” and “Propane”.

Now as you may know, butane is used in lighters and propane, well many outside grills use propane, heaters use propane and some vehicles run on propane.

You don’t want to use these for cooking.

The over spray will cause a nice flare up and last I checked, fuel was not a good source for nourishment.

So, please read all labels carefully for everything you buy.

Apparently the FDA doesn’t care about your health, if they did, that can of cooking spray would not be on a shelf for you to purchase.

24 September 2009

John Sutton

The Cooking Inn


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