You ARE as STUPID as they WANT YOU to be….

Go ahead you stupid fools, roll up your sleeves.
Take that shot nobody really needs.
The Pharmaceutical Companies see you just as a dollar.
They get rich while you get sicker and may even die.
Seriously, there are few differences here than what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people, Gypsies, Blacks, Prisoners and anyone else they just didn’t like. The main difference is you are stupid enough to volunteer.
They were all a big experiment where many died horrible deaths.
Now under the protection of a corrupt and bought out government, these pharmaceutical companies are exempt should something happen to you because of these vaccines.
Only a corrupt and bought out government would do such a horrible thing to their own population.
We put these people in office to protect us, not to become their guinea pigs.
If any of you had any balls of which you don’t, you would say something about this in large groups.
Large groups scare Washington.
The cowards who hide behind desks making decisions about your health after getting that payoff need to be held responsible.
Anyone who unleashes anything unto the population without testing it properly has only one agenda and that is to make money at any cost, including your own life.
But don’t worry, you won’t do anything.
Like mindless dumbasses, you will just go about your business and get your shot and get sicker and die.
Oddly enough because you failed to stay educated, you stayed just as the dumbass you are and became just another number, you became another death. And the dumbasses burying you, they will soon be laying out next to you.
All because of greed and your failure as a human being to do nothing about anything.


Now the following is an article from Dr. Mercola

Serious Vaccine Reactions to Now Be Called ‘Coincidence’?
October 20 2009

Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1 “swine flu”.

But swine flu is mild for most people and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form.

Millions of people around the world have recovered from swine flu, and millions more will get sick with fevers, body aches, nasal congestion, cough and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting and recover from it this year and next year without any complications.
Nonetheless, wide-scale vaccination is being encouraged — even though swine flu vaccines have been tested on only a few thousand healthy Americans for a few weeks. There is little or no information about how safe the vaccine is for pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children.

If you or your child are injured from getting a flu swine flu shot, you are on your own. Congress has shielded the vaccine manufacturers and any person giving swine flu shots from lawsuits if people get hurt.
There is no funded government vaccine injury compensation program for swine flu vaccine.

Do NOT let a doctor or anyone else tell you that a serious health problem you or your child experiences after vaccination is a coincidence and allow more shots to be given until you know for sure.
The most tragic cases of vaccine injury occur when vaccine reaction symptoms are dismissed as a ‘coincidence” and more vaccines are given that result in more severe symptoms — and sometimes end with permanent brain and immune system damage or death.

But while Americans are still debating whether to roll up their sleeves for a swine flu shot, companies have already figured it out: vaccines are good for business.
Drug companies have sold $1.5 billion worth of swine flu shots, in addition to the $1 billion for seasonal flu they booked earlier this year. These inoculations are part of a much wider and rapidly growing $20 billion global vaccine market.

“The vaccine market is booming,” says Bruce Carlson, spokesperson at market research firm Kalorama, which publishes an annual survey of the vaccine industry. “It’s an enormous growth area for pharmaceuticals at a time when other areas are not doing so well,” he says, noting that the pipeline for more traditional blockbuster drugs such as Lipitor and Nexium has thinned.

As always with pandemic flus, taxpayers are footing the $1.5 billion check for the 250 million swine flu vaccines that the government has ordered so far and will be distributing free to doctors, pharmacies and schools. In addition, Congress has set aside more than $10 billion this year to research flu viruses, monitor H1N1’s progress and educate the public about prevention.

Drugmakers pocket most of the revenues from flu sales, with Sanofi-Pasteur, Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis cornering most of the market.

But some say it’s not just drugmakers who stand to benefit. Doctors collect copayments for special office visits to inject shots, and there have been assertions that these doctors actually profit handsomely from these vaccinations.

Sources:Vaccine Awakening October 1, 2009
New York Times October 7, 2009
Time Magazine October 19, 2009
Examiner September 30, 2009
Science News September 20, 2009


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