How to Make Fire Logs Out of Newspaper

How to Make Fire Logs Out of Newspaper

1. Prepare the stack of newspaper by removing every glossy insert from the stack. Glossy inserts can release fumes into your home when burned. Only use plain newsprint to make your homemade fireplace logs.

2. Divide your newspapers into 1-inch stacks. Create the piles by alternating the folding ends of the paper on each side. This makes the stack flatter and easier to roll tightly.

3. Straighten the stack of papers and roll the paper tightly. Allow a slight, tube-like hole through the center to help ventilate the log when burning. Slip a vegetable can on each end to hold it in place for tying.
Secure the cotton string in two places around the rolled-up newspaper. Tie the string tightly with double knots. Remove the cans from the paper ends. Cut off loose string ends.

4. Proceed through the entire stack of loose newspaper by rolling, placing the cans on the end and tying multiple newspaper rolls. This effort should result in one dozen rolled newspaper bundles.

5. Fill the bathtub or laundry tub with water and place the rolled newspapers into the water. Soak the rolled papers completely until the paper expands and takes on a pulp-like appearance from absorbing the water.

6. Remove the rolled papers from the water and squeeze lightly to wring out some of the water.
Place the wet rolled newspapers on end in a well-ventilated area. Allow the papers to dry completely for at least 4 to 5 days. Burning wet newspaper logs will create smoke in your home.


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